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Genova per i golosi
Da non perdere le tipiche specialità genovesi: la farinata, i friscieu, la torta Pasqualina e quella di bietole, la cima, i pansoti al sugo di noci, le acciughe ripiene, il pandolce e, ovviamente, il pesto e la fugassa!





Genoa, that the painter Rubens nicknamed “La Superba” (the superb) has always been a crossroads of different cultures, where the ancient has lived alongside the modern and even art tells its story of bankers and ocean explorers.  

 Lying on dry land, between the sea and the mountains, this city offers to the visitors its rich museums, stately palaces, the “caruggi” (narrow alleys) of its historic city centre, the largest in Europe.

From Genoa, just travel a few kilometres east or westwards in order to arrive in one of the most beautiful Rivieras in the world: Portofino, Camogli, Cinque Terre (a cluster of five fishing villages perched timelessly on the cliffs of Liguria’s most stunning coastline) and Sanremo, natural jewels, richly enhances by man, where the scents of the earth melt into the smells of the sea in simple and flavourful dishes that, accompanied by oil and wines of unique taste, they are worth a voyage to Liguria alone.



  • to discover the greatest historical centre in Europe 
  • to visit Christopher Columbus house
  • to visit the greatest port in Italy
  • to taste the typical Genoese cuisine
  • to visit the greatest Aquarium and Maritime Museum in Europe
  • to visit over twenty museums
  • to reach the close Portofino and the Cinque Terre on the Riviera



1. Aquarium
A naturally exciting experience awaits you at Europe’s largest marine park: 71 tanks, 800 species, and over 10,000 specimens set against the incomparable backdrop of the Gulf of Genoa.

2. Palazzo Ducale
Since 1339 the Doges’ residence, it is a venue of excellence for major events and prestigious activities.

3. The system of “Palazzi dei Rolli” – Part of Unesco’s World Heritage List
The wonderfully ornate and very original private residences belonging to the city’s aristocratic families which, in 1576, started to host the distinguished guests of the Republic of Genoa.

4. Via Garibaldi e i Musei di Strada Nuova
In the splendid Via Garibaldi (sec. XVI) (aka Strada Nuova or “The golden street”), there is an extraordinary museum corner, with the “Strada Nuova museums”: Palazzo Bianco, Rosso e Tursi.

5. MUMA Galata Museum of the Sea
The sea world gets spectacular and innovative in the heart of the Port area: with more than 10.000 square meters of show area the MUMA is the largest museum about the sea in the Mediterranean region. The reflecting, modern glassiness of the building architecture suggests clear, pure water transparence to the visitor mind.

6. San Lorenzo Cathedral
Built about 1098 then widened, the San Lorenzo cathedral is dedicated to San Giovanni Battista, city patron and hosts two beautiful Museums: Museo del Tesoro and Museo Diocesano.

7. Palazzo Reale
Noble class residence, “reggia sabauda”, with the splendid Museo Nazionale in the centre of the manumental Via Balbi (sec. XVII). Evocative garden and terrace.

8. Palazzo del Principe Doria
Built in sec. XVI for the famous Andrea Doria, Admiral of the emperor Charles V, the palace is practically the only royal palace of Genoa, which was for long time a Republic.

9. Belvedere Luigi Montaldo
Gorgeous “terrace” hanging on the Historical center district, with fabolous view on the city and the port. Get there with the liberty style lift for an extra emotion.

10. Museums and Gardens in Nervi
Historial villas, with relevant modern art museums in a landscape of gardens and extraordinary natural beauties.

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